Weekend Road Trip!

IMG_5603Two weekends ago we got a little crazy and decided to take a quick road trip up to Monterey, California. I was invited to attend the 10th annual Fiesta del Mar by the Monterey Bay Aquariuam to celebrate ocean conservation in the Latino community. I go there every year, but this time we decided to drive up from San Diego and drive on highway 1.  It was Carlos and Alessandra’s first time on that highway so I was really excited to share this experience with them: California’s unique and gorgeous coast!

Since we have a 20 month old toddler, we did many stops to make sure she didn’t get too annoyed by being strapped in a car seat, so we stopped in Los Angeles to visit my aunt and Santa Barbara to visit my sister.  We then stopped in San Luis Obispo to have breakfast, and if you haven’t been there, it is a must in California, such a beautiful town!



IMG_5531 IMG_5522We then hit the road again to start our drive up the 1. We made sure we had some snacks, books, some Peppa pig cartoons on the iPad (thanks dad for letting us borrow it!) and kind of just let her play, walk and run all over downtown San Luis Obispo so by the time she go to the car, she was ready for her nap.

Our next stop was San Simeon Beach, a beach that is famous for being the resting place for elephant seals.

IMG_5536 IMG_5534We continued driving until we got to our a place that has been on our travel wish list for a while: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. I did not disappoint! That place is absolutely beautiful, great place for hiking, camping and just a gorgeous view. We are definitely going back to do a camping trip.


IMG_5610 IMG_5603

IMG_5571 IMG_5567

IMG_5595We finally made it to Monterey Bay that same afternoon. The next morning we went to the aquarium and we got to go in about an hour before they opened. Last year we took her, but she was barely 8 months old and didn’t really enjoyed it a lot, this year, oh this year was another story, this year she went crazy!!

IMG_5596 IMG_5617 IMG_5620

IMG_5633 IMG_5642IMG_5765 IMG_5764To end our Sunday, we went to Point Lobos State Park and Marine Protected Area to catch the sunset. It was seriously one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Well done California!


IMG_5721 IMG_5729   IMG_5736 The next day, we slept in to about 9 am, and we drove all the way down to San Diego.  We did a few stops along the way to eat breakfast and lunch and took Alessandra to a park so she could stretch her legs and run wild for about an hour. The best you can do during road trips with kids is just do as many stop as you can and take your time, a happy baby in the car makes for a happy ride!


– Dee


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